We are pleased to offer you full service property management, which means we prepare for and handle every step of the application and every eventuality involved in the rental process.

Pre-marketing: Sloane Realty will assess the property for condition and marketability and make any necessary recommendations. We perform a detailed market analysis to maximize the rent potential and recommend a rental rate. If any work or repairs are required prior to marketing the house, we will arrange such repairs to be completed. We will ensure the property is in proper showing condition and prepared to make the best impression.

Marketing: Our marketing program is aimed at maximum exposure for your property. We advertise a property on multiple websites, including our own website, the MLS, Craigslist, MUSC, CofC, Rentals.com, and dozens of subsidiary sites. We create a flyer featuring your property and put a professional sign in the yard or window of your home. We facilitate showings of your property and keep careful records of guest cards for follow-up and feedback purposes.

Tenant application and screening: Our extensive screening process helps ensure quality tenants and we take this process very seriously. We check credit reports, criminal background, eviction records, judgement history, and sex offender registry. We ask for verification of employment, proof of actual income, and we research rental history. If a pet is involved, we require shot records, a pet reference, and a photo verification. Additionally, we collect a security deposit and hold it in a designated escrow account.

Maintenance: Our maintenance program keeps you up to date in real time of any work orders that have been assigned for your property. When a maintenance request comes in (reported in person, by phone, or online), we create a work order and email it to the assigned vendor. At that time, the tenant is copied on the email and the owner is sent a blind copy. In this way, owners know what problem has been reported, and to whom it has been assigned. If owners have any information to add, this allows time. The management contract indicates that we have a limit of $350 that can be spent without consulting an owner (state required repairs, such as water heaters, are naturally an exception), but this system allows for owners to be kept aware of the situation regardless of the severity of the repair. Copies of completed work orders, invoices and any other documentation are provided to owners via the owner portal, where they can be accessed at any time for future reference.

Rent Collection: Rent is due on the first of every calendar month and it is considered late and subject to late fees after the fifth. We handle collection of rents and assessment and collection of any late fees. All invoices and bills (including management fees) are paid on behalf of the owner, and the remaining funds are electronically transferred to owners between the 20th and 23rd of every month.

Renewals: When a tenant’s lease is nearing expiration, owners will be contacted and asked if they would like to renew the lease or if they have other plans for the property. If the renewal is offered, we will perform another market analysis to see if a rental increase is warranted.

Move-outs: When a tenant moves out, Sloane Realty staff perform a move-out inspection and create work orders to address any necessary cleaning or repairs. Tenants charges are assessed accordingly and the owners are informed of any items that need to be addressed that would be the responsibility of the owner. Work is performed efficiently, and the home is ready for new tenants! Prior to a new tenant moving in, all homes are re-keyed.

Evictions: Should it become necessary to file eviction, we will handle all the necessary filings and other intricacies of the process. We will also represent you in court (should it become necessary) for no additional fees other than actual court fees.

Tax information: At the end of the year, owners are sent a 1099 documenting all the income and expenses for their rental property. Copies of all invoices and work orders are available at any time in the owner portal for backup documentation if necessary.

We invite all owners to be as much or as little involved as they find comfortable. As new owners adjust to working with Sloan Realty and come to feel confident that management is being handled well, we typically see owner involvement diminish — which we take as a compliment!


We are pleased to offer owers two management plans to choose from. The plans are identical in management services offered, but structured differently in payments.

The two plans are outlined below:

Standard Plan Streamlined Plan
Setup Fee none none
Leasing Fee 25% none
Monthly Management Fee (unfurnished) 10% 12%
Renewal Fee $75 none